KOLB Sp. z o.o. 
is the leader in the project entitled:

“Development of process innovations in the preparation and joining of large-sized steel components for the steel construction industry.”

The project is being implemented in partnership with IZOSTAL S.A.

The objective of the project: Development of process innovations – significantly improved production processes, related to the preparation of large-sized steel components and their robotic welding – for precision-made stacker cranes – used in high-bay warehouse logistics systems.

The effect of the project will be process innovation – significantly improved production processes, related to the proper preparation of large-sized steel components, as well as their robotized welding, allowing the manufacture of support structures – precision-made stacker cranes – used in high-bay warehouse logistics systems.

Total value of the project: PLN 12,437,702.49
Total value of project financing: PLN 4,975,081.00
including the part of KOLB Sp. z o.o.:
Project value: PLN 4,272,975.64
Financing: PLN 1,709,190.25

KOLB Sp. z o.o. is a long-standing manufacturer of steel beams of high-bay warehouse stacker cranes, which are characterized by low stiffness due to the significant difference in the ratio of the length and width of the semi-finished product to its thickness. Continuous development, the goal of improving already existing technology and ideas for innovative technological solutions have led to the implementation of the R&D project in question.

The R&D project includes research on the impact of technological parameters of a large-size laser cutter on the straightness of the cut parts, the perpendicularity of the cut edge to the surface of the sheet metal to be processed, the quality of the cut surface evaluated in the micro area, and the positioning accuracy over the entire working area. Learning about the influence of these parameters during the research process, carried out based on a research station built and equipped with a laser head, makes it possible to use the “know-how” in the field of technical metrology or thermal deformation to overcome the research problem of precise preparation of semi-finished products with the required dimensional and shape accuracy without the need to carry out the process of fire straightening of the semi-finished products’ sheets.

A new test station for the robotic welding process has been built for the project, where research is being conducted to establish a strategy for robotic welding of this large-size beam leading to a finished structure with the required flatness, eliminating the flame straightening process. This will translate into shorter production time with the additional achievement of better results regarding the dimensional and shape accuracy of the finished product.

The robotic welding station allows the testing of parts with a maximum length of 35 m. It was equipped with two KUKA welding robots with an arm reach of 2.1 m.